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Monday, March 18, 2013

Keep the day job

The reviews are in and counting my socks proved to be a wise move.

The annual St. Patrick's Day Bomb, er, breakfast, held forth yesterday and the clear winners were those politicians wise enough to stay away. That includes Republicans who were wise enough to head to Scituate instead of Southie (yes, I'm talking about you Big Red).

Skimming the "jokes" offered by attendees, I'm struck in particular by the absent Deval Patrick appearing in a video wearing the vest he dons every time he is out at the MEMA bunker.  The stale jokes are not as bad as a blizzard, but the term disaster does seem an appropriate one to hang on the event.

The only one who actually seemed to relish the event was former Gov. Bill Weld, who has never missed an opportunity to ham it up when amber- or green-colored liquids flow. His presence set off speculation that he planned to let Gabriel Gomez, Michael Sullivan or Dan Winslow do the heavy lifting and soften up either Ed Markey or Steve Lynch for a 2014 challenge.

While you should never rule out what might emerge from Weld's fertile mind, that would be one of the longest of long shots. So upon further review, maybe that's exactly what Weld has up his sleeve.

For the rest of us, time to step away from the corned beef and cabbage and green bagels.

Happy Evacuation Day!

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