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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mr. Originality

I know conservatives prefer tried and tested ways, but Michael Sullivan's campaign may be taking it too far.

The Globe reports Sullivan's website was a virtual carbon copy of the one used by Richard Tisei in his unsuccessful campaign against John Tierney.  It even uses language about a trip Tisei took to Israel, without clarifying whether Sullivan did as well.

Paul Moore, who runs Sullivan's campaign and did the same for Tisei, says it was just an oversight and has been remedied in part:
“The issues in this election are very much the same issues — jobs, economy, and debt — as in 2012, and in this case, the campaign manager was the same person, and campaign managers typically write these things,” said Moore, referring to himself. “It would have been great in a longer election and with more staff to have more time to recreate the wheel, but in this case adding placeholder issues at the start was the goal.”
The Sullivan campaign was proud of the fact it collected the signatures it needed to get on the ballot on its own and didn't need to pay professional collectors. Maybe some of the cash saved there could have been applied to creating fresher web content than a cut-and-paste job from the Tisei campaign?

As gaffes go, this one is more embarrassing than disqualifying. And at least Moore had the common sense to use Sullivan's bio instead of Tisei's.

But Sullivan is now wide open to wisecracks about not having any original ideas. You can bet the gagwriters for the St. Patrick's Day breakfast are hard at work crafting what they hope will be originals.



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