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Monday, March 25, 2013

Where's Eddie?

Looks like the media wants to spark some controversy into the special US Senate race that's generally been rated a yawner to date.

The Herald offers a front page headline (almost as long as the story) about AWOL Ed Markey, who spent the weekend raising cash in California, a sin the Herald equates with Martha Coakley's infamous dismissal of shaking hands outside Fenway Park.

The only similarity is the candidates were tending to campaign business away from the cameras. But when you want to spice up a dull race, I suppose any analogy in the storm.

Not that Markey and his campaign are innocents here. Markey aides were nowhere to be found when Channel 5 called looking to include them in a weekend story. And a campaign Facebook status at least briefly posted showed a Brooklyn, NY location.

There's little doubt that Massachusetts voters are tapped out -- emotionally and financially -- from Senate campaign that have been virtually non-stop since Ted Kennedy died in 2009. And any candidate worth his or her salt should be willing to head out of state to rake in dollars -- particularly when the the three Republican hopefuls have refused the "people's pledge" not to accept support from outside PACs.

A televised midweek debate will step up the action as well.

So let's not get too far out ahead of a candidate choosing to spend Palm Sunday weekend hustling for bucks a continent away instead of touring the state for a short sound bite. The bigger issue is the staff  hanging out the "gone fishin'" sign with the candidate out-of-state.

That's complacency which needs to be addressed, pronto.

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