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Saturday, July 06, 2013

Let's get real

John Kerry is facing heat because he took an hour off to take his grandson out on a yacht. Seriously?

While spokeswoman Jen Psaki should learn to get the facts before she speaks, the reality that someone tried to make an issue of a holiday timeout reflects just how far the concept of civil discourse has fallen in the United States.

But then again, what more can you expect from a political opposition that points with pride to its failure to repeal ObamaCare -- going on 38 times. Without ever offering a serious alternative to a problem that confronts millions of Americans and which is contributing to our nation's ailing fiscal health.

Or a political opposition that offers either silence or even outright indifference when one its vaunted "scandals" turns out to be nonpartisan bureaucratic ineptness?

Kerry may have portrayed his vaunted political tin ear by heading out for an hour on a holiday while Egypt was descending into political chaos. But does anyone truly believe he was not in regular contacts with aides and the White House?

If you do, your smartphone isn't as smart as you may believe.

And, as the Globe notes, Kerry has already devoted more time to the Mideast this year than his predecessor did in four years -- no disrespect:
In six months, Kerry has spent more time meeting with Israelis and Palestinians in the region than his predecessor, Hillary Clinton, did in her entire tenure — four trips since March, with a fifth as early as next week. Leaders on both sides of the standoff have said Kerry is close to bringing them back to the negotiating table for the first time since 2008.
Anyone looking for an end to Washington dysfunction need only look to the source of that problem: an opposition long on talking points and short, if not totally bereft of solutions.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Hillary was great, it's just John is better. Don't be critical of Obamacare, but we're gonna postpone implementation for a year, and then we're gonna have the institution that's showing ineptitude oversee it, oh well at least it's non-partisan ineptness.

July 09, 2013 5:00 PM  

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