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Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's not easy being green

I guess global warming isn't the only green initiative that doesn't have Charlie Baker's wholehearted support.

The Republican gubernatorial candidate has opted out of tomorrow's South Boston St. Patrick's Day political breakfast, citing "prior commitments."

You really mean to tell me the scheduler did not know months in advance that there's a breakfast and a parade in Southie around St. Patrick's Day? And that the meeting with Scituate Republicans couldn't have been adjusted an hour or so either way?

Baker was also a phantom in the first political dust-up of the campaign season, when Deval Patrick pointed to his role as Harvard Pilgrim Health Care executive and the state of health insurance premiums.

The candidate, who admits he's not great on the stump, unleashed campaign manager Lenny Alcivar, then and now.
“We think that a month before an important Republican primary convention it’s important to honor our commitment to those who stood with us from the beginning of our campaign,’’ Alcivar said.
But it was Rep. Richard J. Ross, a Wrentham Republican, who gave the honest spin to Baker's decision.

“The St. Patrick’s Day event might not be filled with a lot of Baker supporters, and his focus will be on campaigning where he can attract votes,’’ Ross said. “So I think he’s going to be in the right place.’’

Maybe (although you have to check the legislative support for Patrick before offering a firm answer). But more importantly, it is a venue where candidates prove their mettle and humanity by taking a punch -- and delivering a few too.

Heaven knows there's a shortage of humor these days -- in life and in politics. The ability to poke fun at yourself and others is a humanizing -- and that's something Baker needs.

Maybe he'll surprise us and show up unannounced. That would be a good political environment move.

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